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Tropical Grasslands
Vol. 35 2001

Contributed Articles March 2001 (No. 1)


Leucaena for weaned cattle in south Florida — R.S. KALMBACHER, A.C. HAMMOND, F.G. MARTIN, F.M. PATE and M.J. ALLISON


Maximising seed yield and seed quality of Paspalum atratum through choice of harvest method — C. PHAIKAEW, P. PHOLSEN, S. TUDSRI, E. TSUZUKI, H. NUMAGUCHI and Y. ISHII


Method and time of establishing Paspalum atratum seed crops in Thailand — M.D. HARE, C. KAEWKUNYA, P. TATSAPONG, K. WONGPICHET, K. THUMMASAENG and W. SURIYAJANTRATONG


Seed yield and its components of Brachiara decumbens cv. Basilisk, Digitaria milanjiana cv. Jarra and Andropogon gayanus cv. Kent in north-east Thailand under different rates of nitrogen application — N.R. GOBIUS, C. PHAIKAEW, P. PHOLSEN, O. RODCHOMPOO and W. SUSENA


Competition in pots between two tropical legumes (Stylosanthes hamata and S. scabra) and two tropical grasses (Urochloa mosambicensis and Bothriochloa pertusa) at two phosphorus fertiliser levels — F.D. HU and R.J. JONES


Research Note: Production and nutritive value of grasses cultivated in the coastal area of Benin — A. BULDGEN, B. MICHIELS, S. ADJOLOHOUN, S. BABATOUNDE and C. ADANDEDJAN


Research Note: The performance of forage germplasm in a screening trial at Shika, Nigeria — A.T. OMOKANYE, O.S. ONIFADE, J.T. AMODU and M.S. KALLAH


Research note: Forage yield and chemical composition of centro (Centrosema pubescens) in the year of establishment at Shika, Nigeria — A.T. OMOKANYE


Awards of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia Inc.


New Herbage Plant Cultivar

(b) Aeschynomene villosa Poir. (villose jointvech) cvv. Reid and Kretschmer


Notes for Contributors


Contributed Articles June 2001 (No. 2)


Factors affecting the nutritive value of kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) — a review — J.P. MARAIS


Evaluation of legumes and grasses in coastal south-east Queensland — R.M. JONES


Selecting Chamaecrista spp. for soil stabilisation and forage in southern China — J.B. HACKER, WEN SHILIN, YING ZHAOYANG and B.C. PENGELLY


Leaf appearance, death and detachment in a bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) pasture under cattle grazing — W. PAKIDING and M. HIRATA


Research note: Intensive fodder gardens for improving forage availability for smallholder dairy production in Hai district, Tanzania — E.J. MTENGETI, N.A. URIO and G.D. MLAY


Book Review

Climate Change ande Global Crop Productivity


Contributed Articles September 2001 (No. 3)


Effects of plant spacing and sowing time on seed yield and seed quality of Paspalum atratum in Thailand — C. PHAIKAEW, C. KHEMSAWAT, S. TUDSRI, Y. ISHII, H. NUMAGUCHI and E. TSUZUKI


Juvenitlity and long-short day requirement in relation to flowering of Paspalum atratum in Thailand — M.D. HARE, K. WONGPICHET, M. SAENGKHAM, K. THUMMASAENG and W. SURIYAJANTRATONG


Effect of cutting on yield and quality of Paspalum atratum in Thailand — M.D. HARE, M. SAENGKHAM, C. KAEWKUNYA, S. TUDSRI, W. SURIYAJANTRATONG, K. THUMMASAENG and K. WONGPICHET


Tiller dynamics in a bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) pasture under cattle grazing — M. HIRATA and W. PAKIDING


Forage yield and nutritive value of Eragrostis curvula and Digitaria eriantha in central-south semi-arid Argentina — A.O. GARGANO, M.A. ADURIZ, H.M. ARELOVICH and M.I. AMELA


Yield and nutritive value of tropical forage legumes grown in semi-arid parts of Zimbabwe — R.M. JINGURA, S. SIBANDA and H. HAMUDIKUWANDA


The effect of harvesting at different growth stages on yield and quality of three late-maturing pearl millet accessions in northern Nigeria — J.T. AMODU, M.S. KALLAH, O.S. ONIFADE, A.T. OMOKANYE and I.A. ADEYINKA


Yield and chemical composition responses of Lablab purpureus to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilisers — Y. SHEHU, W.S. ALHASSAN, U.R. PAL and C.J.C. PHILLIPS


Liveweight gains of steers at different stocking rates on monospecific Gatton panic and Estrella grass pastures in the Chaco Central region of Paraguay — A.J.N. CABRERA, D. STOSIEK, A. GLATZLE, H.M. SHELTON and R. SCHULTZE-KRAFT


Contributed Articles December 2001 (No. 4)


Sward structure and patterns of defoliation of signal grass (Brachiaria decumbens) pastures under different cattle grazing intensities — J. BUSQUE and M. HERRERO


Selecting buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) with improved spring yield in subtropical Australia — J.B. HACKER and R.B. WAITE


The breeding system of three Paspalum species with forage potential — F. ESPINOZA, M.H. URBANI, E.J. MARTÍNEZ and C.L. QUARÍN


Patterns of seedling emergence over 5 years from seed of 38 species placed on the soil surface under shade and full sunlight in the seasonally dry tropics — THE LATE C.J. GARDENER, L.V. WHITEMAN and R.M. JONES


Growth and persistence of 17 annual medic (Medicago spp.) accessions on clay soils in central Queensland — M.J. CONWAY, N.J. BRANDON, R.L. CLEM, R.M. JONES, B.A. ROBERTSON and J.R. WILLCOCKS


Relay seeding forage species in rice systems in Bhutan — W. RODER, P. WANGCHUK, S. THSERING and T. GYELTSEN


The response of Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano to applications of sodium and chloride — K. BETTERIDGE and R.J. JONES


Effect of pasture production systems on milk production in the central plains of Thailand — S. TUDSRI, S. PRASANPANICH, S. SAWADIPANICH, P. JARIPAKORN and S. ISWILANONS


Book Review

Insect Pests in Tropical Forestry


Field and Laboratory Methods fro Grassland and Animal Production Research


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