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Tropical Grasslands
Vol. 42 2008

Contributed Articles March 2008 (No. 1)


Evaluating temperate species in the subtropics. 2. Perennial grasses — K.F. LOWE, T.M. BOWDLER, N.D. CASEY, S.A. LOWE, J.A. WHITE and P.M. PEPPER


Characterisation of a collection of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) — M.A.B. JORGE, M. van de WOUW, J. HANSON and JEMAL MOHAMMED


Characterisation of a collection of perennial Panicum species — MARK van de WOUW, MARIA ALEXANDRA JORGE, JÜRGEN BIERWIRTH and JEAN HANSON


Diet quality, intake and growth performance of South African Mutton Merino sheep on Triticum × Secale and Lolium multiflorum pastures at different grazing pressures — W.A. van NIEKERK, ABUBEKER HASSEN and R.J. COERTZE


Fellow of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia Inc.    

David Llewellyn Lloyd


Tropical Grasslands — Notes for Contributors


Contributed Articles June 2008 (No. 2)    

Sale of fresh forage — a new cash crop for smallholder farmers in Yasothon, Thailand — G. NAKAMANEE, W. SRISOMPORN, P. PHENGSAVANH, J. SAMSON and W. STÜR


Growth responses of three Brachiaria species to light intensity and nitrogen supply — O. GUENNI, S. SEITER and R. FIGUEROA


Interference potential of the perennial grasses Eragrostis curvula, Panicum maximum and Digitaria eriantha with Parthenium hysterophorus — M. van der LAAN, C.F. REINHARDT, R.G. BELZ, W.F. TRUTER, L.C. FOXCROFT and K. HURLE


Forage production and potential nutritive value of 24 shrubby Indigofera accessions under field conditions in South Africa — ABUBEKER HASSEN, N.F.G. RETHMAN, Z. APOSTOLIDES and W.A. van NIEKERK


Yield and nutritive value of herbaceous and browse forage legumes in the Borgou region of Benin — S. ADJOLOHOUN, A. BULDGEN, C. ADANDEDJAN, V. DECRUYENAERE and P. DARDENNE


Intake of tropical grass, legume and legume-grass mixtures by rabbits — G.T. IYEGHEERAKPOTOBOR and I. R. MUHAMMAD


Research note: Nutritive value of four accessions of Stylosanthes scabra in the derived savanna zone of Nigeria — J.A. AKINLADE, G.O. FARINU, O.O. AGBOOLA, A.A. AKINGBADE, O.O. OJEBIYI and O.A. ADERINOLA



Leendert ’t Mannetje


Book review    

Leucaena — A guide to establishment and management


Software review    

Tropical Forages — Selection of Forages for the Tropics ‘SoFT’


Contributed Articles September 2008 (No. 3)    

Development options in Heteropogon contortus grasslands in south-east Queensland: tree killing, legume oversowing and pasture replacement. 1. Pasture production and composition — J.C. TOTHILL, C.K. McDONALD, G.W. McHARG and J.N.G. HARGREAVES


Development options in Heteropogon contortus grasslands in south-east Queensland: tree killing, legume oversowing and pasture replacement. 2. Animal production — J.C. TOTHILL, C.K. McDONALD, G.W. McHARG and J.N.G. HARGREAVES


Grazing behaviour, diet selection and feed intake of cattle in a young tree plantation in southern Kyushu, Japan — M. HIRATA, N. HASEGAWA, T. TAKAHASHI, R. CHOWDAPPA, S. OGURA, K. NOGAMI and T. SONODA


Effect of foliar applications of trinexapac-ethyl plant growth regulator on seed yield in brachiaria hybrid cv. Mulato II and Paspalum atratum — M.D. HARE, A. LUNPHA and S. PHENGPHET


Research note: Inclusion of lablab in maize and sorghum silages improves sheep performance — N.T. NGONGONI, M. MWALE, C. MAPIYE, M.T. MOYO, H. HAMUDIKUWANDA and M. TITTERTON


Contributed Articles December 2008 (No. 4)    

Grazing management influences the dynamics of populations of Stylosanthes hippocampoides (Oxley fine stem stylo) — D.M. ORR


Sward structure and herbage quality, production and utilisation of adjacent monocultures of centipede grass and bahia grass grazed by cattle — M. HIRATA, M.A. ISLAM, E. HARADA, M. FURUYA and A. SAKOU


Herbage allowance effects on leaf photosynthesis and canopy light interception in palisade grass pastures under rotational stocking — G.J. BRAGA, C.G.S. PEDREIRA, V.R. HERLING, C. LUZ and C.G. de LIMA


Effect of storage duration, storage room and bag type on seed germination of brachiaria hybrid cv. Mulato — M.D. HARE, P. TATSAPONG and S. PHENGPHET


Morphological characterisation of populations of Desmanthus virgatus complex from Argentina — J.M. ZABALA, J.F. PENSIERO, P.A. TOMAS and J.A. GIAVEDONI


Production and nutritive value of three grass species cultivated for ley pasture in the Borgou region of Benin — S. ADJOLOHOUN, A. BULDGEN, C. ADANDEDJAN, P. DARDENNE and V. DECRUYENAERE


Studies on sweet potato forage and dried brewers’ grains as supplements to green panic for Bunaji cows — I. ETELA, U.I. OJI, G.A. KALIO and G.O. TONA



John Compton Tothill


Book review    

Fundamentals of Tropical Turf Management


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