Tropical Grasslands

Vol. 43 (2009)


Contributed articles Vol. 43 (2009)


The changing face of the Australian tropical pasture seed industry — TONY ILLING



The performance of irrigated mixtures of tall fescue, ryegrass and white clover in subtropical Australia. 1. The effects of sowing mixture combinations, nitrogen and oversowing on establishment, productivity, botanical composition and persistence — K.F. LOWE, M.N. CALLOW, T.M. BOWDLER, S.A. LOWE, J.A. WHITE and N. GOBIUS


The performance of irrigated mixtures of tall fescue, ryegrass and white clover in subtropical Australia. 2. The effects on yield and botanical composition of managing for quality — K.F. LOWE, T.M. BOWDLER, J.A. WHITE, S.A. LOWE and M.N. CALLOW


Woody plant responses to various clearing strategies imposed on a poplar box (Eucalyptus populnea) community at Dingo in central Queensland — P.V. BACK, E.R. ANDERSON, W.H. BURROWS and C. PLAYFORD


Isolation and characterisation of gamma radiation-induced dwarf mutants of Stylosanthes guianensis — JIALI TAN, HUASHAN TANG, YUEJING NIU, YOUGUANG CHEN, SHAOYUN LU, ZHENFEI GUO and HAIHANG LI


Herbage yield and quality of Brachiaria cultivars, Paspalum atratum and Panicum maximum in north-east Thailand — M.D. HARE, P. TATSAPONG and S. PHENGPHET


Effect of clipping interval and nitrogen fertilisation on oxalate content in pot-grown napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum) — M.M. RAHMAN, YASUYUKI ISHII, MITSUHIRO NIIMI and OSAMU KAWAMURA


Utilising leaf number as an indicator for defoliation to restrict stem growth in rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) cv. Callide — K.G. PEMBLETON, K.F. LOWE and L.M. BAHNISCH


African lovegrass in Australia: a valuable pasture species or embarrassing invader? — JENNIFER FIRN


Fishmeal supplementation to high-producing Jersey cows grazing kikuyu pasture — E.R. MALLESON, R. MEESKE, L.J. ERASMUS, W.A. VAN NIEKERK and R.J. COERTZE


Stimulation of wool growth by Desmanthus spp. as a supplement to a diet of Mitchell grass hay — J.H. de A. RANGEL and C.P. GARDINER


Effects of liming and Sinorhizobium inoculation on growth, nodulation and nutrient concentrations of lucerne in acid soil — YANJUN GUO, NI YU, LING YUAN and JIANGUO HUANG


Evaluation of low-temperature tolerance of zoysia grass — JIPING XUAN, JIANXIU LIU, HE GAO, HUAGUABG HU and XIAOLI CHENG


A listing of forage accessions established in published evaluation studies carried out by CSIRO in southern and central Queensland, Australia (1950–2000) — R.M. JONES

Link to full listing of forage species as a Microsoft XL spreadsheet


Performance of perennial tropical grasses in different Mediterranean environments in southern Italy — A. CORLETO, E. CAZZATO, P. VENTRICELLI, S.L. COSENTINO, F. GRESTA, G. TESTA, M. MAIORANA, F. FORNARO and D. DE GIORGIO


Flowering dynamics and seed production of Arachis pintoi and Arachis repens in the Brazilian Cerrados — M.A. CARVALHO, E.A. PIZZARO JUNCAL and J.F.M. VALLS


Agro–morphological characterisation of a collection of Cynodon — MARK VAN DE WOUW, JEMAL MOHAMMED, MARIA ALEXANDRA JORGE and JEAN HANSON


Effect of wet season rotational grazing on pasture and animal production in buffel (Cenchrus ciliaris) – siratro (Macroptilum atropurpureum) pastures in south-east Queensland — The late J.C. TOTHILL, C.K. McDONALD, and the late G.W. McHARG


Rapid and enhanced germination at low temperature of alfalfa and white clover seeds following osmotic priming — ISKENDER TIRYAKI, MUSTAFA KIZILSIMSEK and MAHMUT KAPLAN


In situ fodder production of Mimosa tenuiflora under pruning in native caatinga tropical dry forest in Brazil — I.A. BAKKE, O.A. BAKKE, I.H. SALCEDO and A.P. ANDRADE


Research note: Poplar box (Eucalyptus populnea) growth rates in thinned and intact woodlands in central Queensland — P.V. BACK, E.R. ANDERSON, W.H. BURROWS and C. PLAYFORD


Oats (Avena sativa) – common vetch (Vicia sativa) mixtures grown on a low-input basis for a sustainable agriculture — A. EROL, M. KAPLAN and M. KIZILSIMSEK


Pastures for production, soil health and carbon sequestration. Proceedings of the 8th Australian Tropical Pastures Conference held at Goondiwindi, Queensland in March 2009 — ANDREW FERGUSON


Building better feed systems — LINDSAY BELL


Permanent pastures and industry policy guide certified grass-fed beef — GRANT MAUDSLEY


Pasture development at Undabri — JEFF CARTER and TONY ILLING


Integrating pastures into farming systems – soil health and the benefits to crops — DAVID LAWRENCE, MIKE BELL, BRIAN JOHNSON and DAVID LLOYD


Zero-tilling to renovate buffel grass and ‘the tip of the iceberg’ – carbon sequestration under pastures — PETER and NIKKI THOMPSON


The opportunities for leucaena in southern Queensland — GEORGE LAMBERT


Leucaena and rotational grazing at Ten Mile — ANDREW RICHARDSON


Soil carbon sequestration – myths and mysteries — MIKE BELL and DAVID LAWRENCE


Greenhouse gas emissions in livestock production systems — BEVERLEY HENRY and RICHARD ECKARD


Harry Stobbs Memorial Lecture: Carbon sequestration: Science and practicality — M.J. FISHER


Poisonous pimeleas on inland farming lands of Queensland and New South Wales — RICHARD G. SILCOCK and MICHAEL B. MANN


Pasture-fed beef from tropical pasture systems — B.H. ENGLISH, K.A. SHAW, R.A. MATTHEWS, J.W. ROLFE and J.C. KERNOT


Pasture analyser – A database of the growth rates of irrigated temperate species in southern Queensland — K.F. LOWE and G.B. SIMPSON


Reversing the declining quality of the tropical forages collection — K. COX, N. SCRIVENER and F. KILPATRICK


Producer-identified constraints to widespread adoption of sown tropical grass pastures on the north-west slopes of New South Wales — L.H. MCCORMICK, S.P. BOSCHMA, G.M. LODGE and J.F. SCOTT


Grass-legume mixtures on the north-west slopes of New South Wales – finding a compatible legume — S.P. BOSCHMA and C.A. HARRIS


Developing a more productive, persistent panic grass cultivar — C.A. HARRIS, S.P. BOSCHMA and G. MOORE


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