Tropical Grasslands Volume 1 — 1967

Science in Farming—D.E. Poulsen,
Pasture improvement in the Eskdale district of south eastern Queensland—L. ‘t Mannetje,
A preliminary study of some economic aspects of Wallum development—W.L. Moore,
The origin of Green Panic—L.R. Humphreys,


Townsville Lucerne—History and Prospect

Presidential Address 1966 (Summary only)—L.R. Humphreys, 40–42.

Inaugural Address to the South Burnett Section, 43–46

The Narayen Research Station—N.H. Shaw


Pasture Improvement in the southern spear grass region May, 1966

C.S.I.R.O. Pasture Research, Eskdale District—L. ‘t Mannetje, 47–83

The Burnett Districts—N.H. Fox, 50–54.

Brian Pastures Research Station—K.B. Addison, 54–56.

Pasture dry matter production and utilisation—W.J. Scattini, 56–59.

Pasture protein production and utilisation—P.C. Stonard, 59–65.

Grass reaction to grazing and cutting—L.F. Humphreys, 65–68.

Investigations in experimental ecosystems—K.B. Addison, 68–70.

Forage crop research—R.E. Hendrickson, 70–72.

Hereford milk production—W.P. Bewg, 72–75.

Timber regrowth control —N.D. Young, 75–76.

C.S.I.R.O. Pasture Research, Brian Pastures—N.H. Shaw, 76–81.

Pasture improvement on ‘MadooraGayndh—J. McCallum, 81


Tropical Pasture Seed Production July 1966

Some aspects of pasture seed production—L.R. Humphreys and Dorothy E. Davidson, 84–105

Some reflections on the growth of the tropical seeds industry—J. Redrup, 87–91.

The determination and maintenance of seed quality—E.T. Prodonoff, 91–98.

Tropical pastures in the Richmond Tweed region of New South Wales—recent experiences and future development—P.T. Mears,

The intelligent use of inoculants and lime pelleting for tropical legumes—D.O. Norris,
Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) in Australia—L.R. Humphreys,
Milk production from tropical pastures—J.M. Holder,
Primary evaluation of grasses and legumes for the northern Wallum of south-east Queensland—T.R. Evans,
Comparative effectiveness of some insecticides, repellants and seed pelleting in the prevention of ant removal of pasture seeds—M.J. Russell, J.E. Coaldrake, A. M. Sanders,
Botanical changes flowing application of fertilizer and seed to run-down paspalum, Kikuyu and mat grass pastures on a scrub soil at Maleny, south-east Queensland—W.W. Bryan,

Evening Meeting, February 1967

The consultant and the pasture revolution—J.P. Makeham,


Pasture development in the northern Wallum, April Burnett Section Meeting 1967

An outline of Wallum development—N.H. Adams, 178–182.

C.S.I.R.O. pasture research in the northern Wallum—T.R. Evans, 182.

Property development —J. Summers, 186.

                                    —D. Taylor, 186

                                    —W. Draper, 186


Pasture development in the western Darling Downs and southern Brigalow, May Meeting, 1967

Species and mineral nutrition studies on deep sands of solodic associations—a progress report—J.K. Leslie, J. MacKenzie and T.J. Glasby, 187–212

Property of Mr. D. Bligh—Condamine Plains—N.D. Young, 195.

Supplementary Lucerne grazing for wool production in south-east Queensland—G.J. Cassidy, 196.

Pasture research in the southern brigalow region—J.E. Coaldrake, 197.

Aspects of pasture growth on solodic soils—J.S. Russell, 199.

Property of Mr. C.R. Hayward, ‘Tong Park’ and ‘Stirling Park’—C.R. Hayward and J.S. Russell, 203

Pasture production and land management on brigalow land in the southern brigalow regions—J.E. Coaldrake and C.A. Smith, 206.

Property development—C. Savill, 208.